The National Mud Racing Organization (NMRO) is the sanctioning body for straight-line mud drag racing and 4x4 stock and modified Tough Truck racing. Competitors compete for a purse and a season series points championship. This is a membership organization made up of over 400 racers and growing.

The Lucas Oil 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals Series is home to NMRO racing.

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2014 NMRO Rules
(Rules and Info For Drags, Bogs, Tough Trucks  & Burnout)

2014 NMRO Changes


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NMRO Mud Drags

Side-by-side mud racing is anything but a drag. The NMRO makes sure of that..our formula is simple: take traditional drag racing off the asphalt and run it through 140 to 200 feet of the finest local slop available. Like NHRA drags, NMRO uses a "Christmas tree" starting lights and electronic timing traps; the primary differences are the racing surfaces and track lengths.

There are 6 classes of NMRO Mud Drags™ split into Sportsman and Pro Series classes.

Since this is a competition and not merely an exhibition, top finishers get something for their efforts. Trophies, awards and cash are given to top finishers in each Jamboree competition.

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Mickey Thompson Tough Trucks®

For many 4-Wheel Jamboree participants, the Mickey Thompson Tires Tough Truck Challenge is the weekend's highlight. A stock class allows registrants to enter their daily-drivers and run against the clock. Cash, trophies and bragging rights are the rewards for superhuman displays of driving skill, intestinal fortitude, and spinal contortions.

Competitors who take it to the next level enter the Modified Tough Trucks. Although these vehicles' bodies look stock and their engines are naturally aspirated, Modified Tough Trucks are otherwise heavily worked over to handle the bumps, jumps, corners, and hazards inherent in each obstacle course. The Modified race format starts with qualifying runs. Then the 16 fastest qualifiers are seeded for the elimination bracket. Side-by-side racing narrows the field until a winner is crowned.

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Mud Bog

The Mud Bogs offer participants a chance to test their vehicle in a 80 foot pit filled with some of the nastiest mud you’ll ever see. They compete for distance and time.